"In my work I try to steer clear of structure

in order for an emotional bond to be

established between the colors and the viewer."

I had the pleasure of making three large-scale paintings for a funeral home in Twello, the Netherlands. I first met up with them in late 2017 and we talked about a wall in the main room that still needed something. The wall was white and stark in contrast to the rest of the room, so after discussing possible colors and sizes we settled on three large  paintings with different colors of purple and green and yellow. The one thing that was central to these paintings and what I feel is a crucial aspect to my work in general is the fact that I try to steer clear of structure, in order for a direct emotional bond to be established between the colors used and the viewer.

Here is a picture of me and my son at the drop-off:










I decided to name the paintings and call them

'Per Quanto Riguarda Tempo' (Regarding Time)

because ever since my own issues with chronic illness I've wondered about the notion of time, the way in which it affects us all. I have not only thought about when our time ends, but also how we spent the time given. I also realized that although scientifically time is always the same, our perception of time may change. When struggling with chronic headaches for example, days can seem to stretch endlessly. Then again, days shared with your loved ones can pass by in a haze.

If you yourself have a space, big or small that needs something, feel free to contact me and maybe we can work something out. I can come by, take measurements, decide upon colors but most of all swap stories and experiences and see if there's something we can offer each other.