Jesse Stael (1988) is an author, anthropologist, painter and public speaker. Jesse suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and chronic headaches.


Through his inspiring presentation "I Giorni", he bridges the gap between suffering and the art of vulnerability. Drawing from his own life experiences – when as a teenager he first started having unwanted, intrusive and distressing thoughts, on towards his mid-twenties when he began suffering from daily constant headaches – Jesse takes you on a fascinating journey exploring suffering from all angles.

In a time of tremendous social stress and insecurity, Jesse talks openly about the frightening nature of fear and suffering and brings a message of strength in vulnerability and helps uncover the secret of self-compassion. Whether like Jesse you are suffering mentally or physically, or whether you are crumbling under the weight of expectation or a heavy work load, or trying to find a new way of connecting to yourself and others, this presentation will begin to reconcile you with your innermost being and will be the beginning of a new conversation.

Jesse was born in Zutphen, the Netherlands but at the tender age of eleven moved to the small pristine village of Taino, northern Italy where his family was part of a tied-knit community of expats and diplomats. Growing up, he walked in the stillness of the mountains and forests of the Alps and developed a keen interest in art, music and above all literature.

His debut youth novel ‘LUX’ about a group of friends who silently suffer under the weight of adolescence, but who find strength in each other and in the unlikely form of a little creature, will be in stores in the Netherlands nationwide this coming February published by renowned publishing house Veltman.

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