At the tender age of 11, Dutch author, painter, anthropologist and public speaker Jesse Stael moved to Italy. Throughout his teens, he lived in the small rural town of Taino on Lago Maggiore. There, Jesse's family was part of a tied-knit community of expats and diplomats from all around the globe. Getting accustomed to his ever-changing circumstances, he found refuge in the words by authors Ernest Hemingway and Cormac McCarthy and in paintings by Edward Hopper, Rothko and Chagall.

Constantly looking for new ways to express the aloneness and isolation he experienced walking in the stillness of the mountains and woods that bordered his adopted hometown, Jesse started concentrating heavily on his art. Always trying to answer the question of where his home lies and how to connect to people, his art has increasingly turned more inward, stirring the depth of basic human emotions. 

February 2019 marks the release of his debut youth novel "LUX" by renowned publishing house Veltman. 

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